Are there “habits” in your life that are used to escape emotional hurts?
Does alcohol numb your pain, or add party fun to your life?
Are drugs a way to feel good?
Do you find yourself sleeping with strangers to feel loved?
Are you working so hard that you have no time to think about how you feel?
Are you so focused on exercising that you do nothing else?

I used alcohol, drugs, and relative strangers to “help me” to feel better about myself. I partied as a way to add happiness to my life.  The problem was that there was no true joy. I did not feel loved for who I truly am; only my party persona. When I gave my life to Jesus, I stopped the party life. The illusion of fun was dissolved by the Truth. The problem was that I still worked and exercised like there was nothing else in life. I still needed to mask the pain and hurt of my past. I have come to know myself, through God, His Word, and the Choose Freedom Support Group.  I am truly loved by the One who gave His life for me; in spite of my shortcomings. He has healed me. I have true joy in Him. I have been set free. – Eileen Kopsaftis

Lives can be devastated or lost due to the addictions resulting from abuse.  Addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, money, over working, or extreme exercising can be ways to escape or run away from the pain and the memories.  Some of us may not see something as an addiction because it does not affect our jobs or keep us from fulfilling our responsibilities. We simply use these things as a way to manage our pain. Watch this 3 minute video.

Others develop eating disorders, an addiction to food or an addiction to going without food, as a response to the trauma and emotional needs.